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Spring Clean

Now that Spring is on the horizon you may be setting your horse shower up again to battle the rising mud. Here's some useful checks/maintenance you can do yourself to make sure your unit continues to give you the service you expect.

Clean it! Stable yards are by definition dusty places full of stray hay and spiders. A regular clean out of the inside your machine will keep it in tip top condition. It's very simple to remove the cover and use a hoover or pressured air to blow out the cobwebs and debris. For hard to reach places, a stiff clean paintbrush is a must.

Check your wires Whilst the cover is off, make sure nothing has had a nibble or built a nest. Believe it or not we once had one back for checking containing an entire robins nest complete with eggs! Make sure there's no corrosion on any of the connection points. If anything looks amiss, take a good clear photo and email it to us for advice

Check your connectors Make sure all the metal connections in your battery box are clean and corrosion free. Hopefully you'll have remembered to take the batteries out when you put it away but if you didn't, check they haven't bled.

Remake your water/gas connections Detach the gas hose and both the tap connectors and refresh your PTFE tape. Check the washer in your gas connector is still sound. Remake securely - don't forget a spanner for the last couple of turns on the gas connection - then turn your gas bottle on and apply soapy solution to the connection to check for leaks.

Check your hoses Make sure you have no holes/breaks in your incoming or outgoing hoses that could compromise flow.

Finally when setting up again, make sure you connect your hoses the right way round - water inlet on the right, water outlet in the middle. It's always good to refer to the manual when doing your set up.

If you need any help, give us a call, we're full of good advice - no question is too big or too small!


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