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"Fox Poo" Shampoo now in Forest row Ziggy's Pet shop.

Showerking Ltd the company that brought portable hot water to the Uk for the Horse, Dog and Glamping industry are also know for our famous Horse Wash. leaving the natural oils in your Dog and Tea Tree oil, Nature's antiseptic leaving your fury friend feeling clean, soft and smelling fresh.

Clean healthy Fur using Showerkings "Fox Poo" Shampoo containing herbal essential and organic oils, and are animal cruelty Free. No SLS and Parabens are in the product and we use no synthetic colouring, fragrances or artificial preservatives so the "Fox Poo" is a natural as possible and kind to your fur.

Phone: 01342 822 936 Email:
Address: Oak Trees Lewes Road Forest Row RH18 5EP

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