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FREEZING and Warranty

Freezing is NOT covered under warranty. All the manuals, verbal and written instructions say this is the case. However if it happens its Not the end of the world. As the units have passed their Certification tests they are pretty hardy and in most cases it requires only a small part to be replaced and there is not labour cost involved at all. The whole process is carried out by the manufacturer in the UK so its simple , cost effective and easy.

There is s drain screw to drain the unit and to release the water out of the unit. Some may keep their Showerking in a barn, however temperatures that fall below freezing will do damage no matter where the unit is kept, so its not a 100% guarantee .

Good news , we have a new 100% guaranteed FROST PROOF unit that can be left out all year around and you don't have to worry, it will start first time every time and problem solved.

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