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About us

About Showerking Ltd

A small, hard-working family company established in 2011 by Ian Reilly. Importing the first unit in to the UK at that stage, just a prototype.
The business just accelerated and we supplied Waterboy in Ireland, Screwfix and other organisations large and small. We are happy to deal direct just call us 01342 824715.
Our products are CE certified with a certificate and have manufacturers warranties.
Horse Shower

Maddie the office Dog, who guards the office. She is highly trained to let us know when the postman arrives, especially from the comfort of her bed.. Rescued from Wales we got her thorough Last chance and have never looked back. Maddie dreams mainly of squirrels. A fierce guard dog, recently let in a small kitten who took control of the office chair. We have not discussed the matter since...

Horse Showers UK

Mr Showerking, brought portable , tankless, hot water Lpg Gas propane units to the UK in 1999 . Seeing a good idea when a friend Tim commented that why had no one designed a portable shower. That first question by Tim inspired a range of portable boilers to reach the UK shores. Showerking are responsible for every manufacturer selling these units in the UK today.


With a back ground of Internet spidering and Optimising, training some of the UK largest and most successful companies a change was in the wind.

Showerking in the NO 1 position in the UK as the largest supplier of portable LPG Gas hot water.


In his spare time, he quite often will be a supporting artist acting as a wounded person , ironic as he is also a qualified Trauma Medic....

Julie runs the office for sales, support and processing. With a back ground of TV and Radio the office on a busy day probably seems quite tame. Julies charm and willingness to talk to anyone and everyone has been key to building our national client base.

We thrive on before sales advice and receive a significant amount of reordering and referrals for our customer service.


Julie works on all aspects of marketing often microphone in hand for events, TV or just a voice.

Her time as a TV presenter, and guest presenter on Radio and TV has given her the skills needed for every day office life.

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