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Buying a Eccotemp , Cointra or Marey hot water heater

Ok here are some tips when buying a Horse, Dog , Glamping, Surfing, Catering or any other use you can think of Showerking.

1. What does L5 & L 10 mean. L5 is 5 litres per min & L10 10 litres per min.

2. Gas LPG Liquid Propane. There is a difference between Butane & Propane.

3. External or Internal. If its Internal its going to need a Flue and a Gas Safe LPG Registered engineer to fit to current regulations, and this is a warranty stipulation for units that are correctly CE certified in the UK.

4. CE Certified. IF a unit is CE Certified that means that it has passed the Gas tests that are relevant to the country that it is to be used in, by a body ion Europe that has stringent tests to make sure its safe. NB ISO 9000 is NOT a CE Safety test. Quality Assured is NOT a CE Test. Not CE tested means that the parts used have not passed the tests be used in a Gas product, therefore a potential time bomb. These are cheap copy units for sale in China for $15. Any genuine seller will be happy to send you an up-to-date CE certificate that can be checked. No selling company can certify their own units in the UK.

5. There are several options available. The basic unit, a Hot Water Shower Gas LPG with the gas regulator, gas hose and basic shower head. Then the hose up grade where you get a professional hose 6 mts and all the hose fittings you need to set it up. Then there is the trolley self assembly version where you can wheel the unit to your Horses, cars, buildings etc. The upgrade come with Showerking award winning horse wash which can be added to

the Shampoo spray gun, and at a flick of a button you can add shampoo to your Horse or Dog.

6. Delivery should be next day on a week day and on Fridays they will be delivered on the following Monday. we do offer Saturday & Sunday delivery if ordered in time. The normal cut off time is 2pm every day, however always call as we more often than not have two pick ups a day at the Showerking Warehouse.

01342 824715 8am - 9pm every day of the year.

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