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Davin McCall & Channel 4

A novice rider challenged professional jockeys at Lingfield Park’s annual Shire horse race on 9 April 2016 for a television documentary.

TV presenter Davina McCall challenged James Dunn 32 stone to take part in the Flying Feathers shire race. The 28-year-old complete novice has been given riding tuition by Hurst Green Shires in the lead up to the race.

“When Davina initially told me, there was not one part of me that actually believed this could be possible,” said James. “I can’t wait to see James race at Lingfield, he is the bravest man ever,” said Davina McCall. “He has come so far, I’m so very proud of him.”

Lingfield Park’s clerk of the course, Ed Arkell said before taking part James will have to pass an assessment of competence conducted by an instructor from either the British Racing School or the Northern Racing College.

The TV programme featuring the race was broadcast on Channel 4 late summer 2016

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