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Morco Have Discontinued many of its hot water products, we can help replace these with units we keep in stock, and are open 365 days a year.

Which Morco Units have been Discontinued?

Call 01342 824715 for sales, advice, upgrading or replacing your Morco unit today.

We are NOT Morco Products

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Morco Ltd UK 

Buy a Morco Replacement Direct from  a UK Company 

Morco Water heaters and Boilers that are not made any more can be replaced by the Cointra CPA6 and Cointra CPA 11 by

Cointra Ltd UK can supply you with any product that heats water, from Lpg Gas Tankless portable units to fixed, caravan and Static caravan showers. 

Butane Boilers are also a unit we supply call or email us on  01342 824715

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Morco Flue
Morco Flue 6 Lt
In Stock today
Morco Flue Terminal & Pipe 11 Lt
Morco Terminal & Pipe Kit 11 lt
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