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Setting Up

Now that the winter is here - and the mud! - some of you may be setting up your showers for the first time since last winter. Here are some handy tips to ensure you get your set up right. Images are of the E5 unit, other units may look slightly different but the same advice applies.

  • Batteries - hopefully you will have removed your batteries when you stored your unit away. If you didn't, check for signs of bleeding and/or corrosion on the connections in the battery box. If this has happened it may be possible to clean the points and if you can't don't worry, replacement battery boxes are available from us. If your battery box is nice and clean, always best to put a fresh set of batteries in when setting up for the new season. Be careful when inserting your batteries. These should be pushed in only far enough to sit behind the plastic retaining clips. Check there is no movement on your batteries before closing the lid. If your batteries are moving (upwards when hung up) then take them out and gently pull down the connection points inside the battery box (not the ones on the lid). Loose connection of batteries may lead to lack of ignition -just because the unit is "clicking" doesn't mean you have enough power to let the gas through. If in doubt, give us a call and we'll talk you through it.

  • Hoses - check your hoses have no obstructions in them by connecting direct to the tap and blasting a bit of water through. Also check your incoming water filter for obstructions. Make sure you connect the right way round - water in on the right and water out in the middle. Make sure the STOP connector on the water out hose is connected to the spray gun and not to the water outlet pipe.

  • Refresh connections - apply fresh PTFE tape to your GAS and WATER connections before attaching the gas pipe and water connectors. Check the washer inside the gas connection is sound and don't forget to tighten the connection with a spanner and check with soapy solution before use (connect and tighten gas pipe, turn on gas bottle and spray solution on the connection, if bubbles form then it's not tight enough) Always check your gas connection with soapy solution before use. If you are installing your horse unit for use by members of staff/liveries make sure they fully understand how to use it safely.

  • First run - once you are set up, it's a good idea to start your unit on a lower heat setting (water/gas dials both pointing straight up). Once the unit is running and starting to heat, slowly increase the gas and/or decrease the water flow to bring the temperature up.

  • Any problems on set up, give us a call. Most things are easily solved over the phone. 01342 824715


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