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Fox Poo Shampoo

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100% natural fragrance - 98.5%  natural-derived Sulphate free - Paraben free - Petrochemical-free

Dogs love to play, they love rolling in the Grass and they especially love rolling in "Fox Poo" .

They are so well trained that they can tell 100 yards away where there is "Fox Poo" know the exact moment you are not looking to roll in it.

They will then return to proudly let you know their mission was a success. 


So for a clean, fresh fury friend, wipe down with the Fox Poo antibacterial wipe and then shampoo in the 98.5% Natural Fox Poo Shampoo and know that your best friend is happy, clean and probably will do the same tomorrow unless you catch them first.

keep your dogs natural oils in your dog. Fox Poo shampoo is safe, kind to fur and smells great.

             01342 824715

Now available in at Ziggy's Forest Row Sussex.

01342 822 936

Huskies love Fox Poo Shampoo
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Fox Poo Shampoo

Fox Poo Shampoo & antibacterial Wipes, don't leave the house with out them. 01342 824715

100% natural fragrance ingredients

Total product contents: 98.5% natural-derived Sulphate-free - Paraben-free - Petrochemical-free

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Our Philosophy


Using the best materials for the best product that you would.

So as natural as possible, kind and safe, leaving a great smelling, happy non smelly fur.

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