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Installation Advice & Troubleshooting

PLEASE NOTE: This is a general guide with some hints and tips. The best way to get support for your unit is to call us on 01342 824715 so we can go through your individual set up and solve your issue. Before doing anything make sure you have read the manual and followed all the set up instructions. We would particularly draw your attention to the section on making a safe gas connection - ensure you have used the PTFE tape provided, tightened the gas connection sufficiently with a spanner and tested the connection with soapy solution. Gas leaks at connection can ignite and cause damage to your unit so this is really important.


Unit will not start/no audible clicks  or the unit starts, then shuts off within 20 seconds. 

The single most common cause of this is lack of power. The batteries on the unit provide the power not just for the ignition but to open the gas solenoid and allow the gas through so "clicking" and/or illumination of temperature gauge does not mean you are necessarily getting enough power. So first of all change the batteries, checking that there is no corrosion on the battery connectors and that the batteries are tight in their compartment. If they feel loose/have movement then adjust the connectors inside the compartment to provide a tighter connection. Ensure the batteries are inserted the right way round. 

Unit will not start, no audible clicks and no temperature gauge illumination, unit appears dead.

If the unit appears completely dead check you have the incoming and outgoing hoses connected the right way round. If you don't, the unit will appear to run but the water will be going backwards so no ignition will occur. Don't worry, this won't do your unit any harm, just switch the hoses round to the correct way. Incoming water pipe is marked INLET and/or in a blue colour. Outgoing water pipe is marked OUTLET and/or in a red colour. As you look at the unit there are three pipes underneath - LEFT is gas connection, MIDDLE is water outlet, RIGHT is water inlet. Once your hoses are the right way round see first point above re: batteries.

The next most common cause of non ignition is lack of incoming water pressure. Make sure you use a nice short incoming hose and connect directly to the tap. Check your incoming water pipe filter for any dirt or debris that may be interfering with the flow. Check that you have mains pressure. If you have a bore hole/spring fed system call us for advice.

If the above fixes don't work it may be you have a loose/disconnected wire. We can talk you through taking the cover off your unit and checking it or we are always happy to have it back to us for checking. 


General Questions
Q. I want to mount inside my caravan?
A. External units may NOT  be fitted inside caravans. The carbon monoxide fumes must be allowed to free vent out of the top of the unit therefore the unit must be outside. For details of indoor suitable units see our other website
Q. Will it work on a 12v. pumped water supply?
A. Yes if the water pump provides a steady consistent 2bar of pressure and flows around 2x the capability of the unit - ie 10-11 litres per minute for 5 litre flow units and 20 litres per minute for 10 litre flow units.
Q. Can I use to heat my swimming pool/hot tub.
A. The unit is not recommended as a pool/hot tub heater.
Q. Can the unit be mounted horizontally?
A. Never, the unit must be vertical and securely mounted. The flame from the burners must go straight up or charring of the wiring can occur.

Q. Is the unit frost/weather proof?

No. It's important to remember that these are outside USE units not outside LIVING units. Ideally, after each use, disconnect the hoses from the unit to allow adequate draining and cover up once cooled to prevent dirt/debris from getting inside. In freezing weather make sure you store the unit somewhere heated to prevent burst pipes. Leaving a unit permanently set up in a cold/damp environment can lead to corrosion of various parts or damage to the burner. Contact us for more advice if you think this is the case.

Q. How do I know which unit is best for me?

All units produce instant and endless hot water. The differences between them are rate of flow (number of litres per minute) or installation location (indoors/outdoors). Your best choice of unit will be dictated by the water pressure/flow you have available (low/average/high pressure) and how you want to use it (wall mounted/trolley mounted). The number of people/horses/dogs you want to clean doesn't matter as all units will produce hot water endlessly. You can always call us for a chat on 01342 824715 and we can help you choose the right unit for you. 

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