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Baby It's Cold Outside

With snow in parts of the UK overnight and more freezing temperatures to come it's important you take these simple steps to protect your unit from freeze damage:

1) Disconnect both the incoming and outgoing water hoses and allow the water to drain out

2) Remove the drain screw to allow the last of the water to drop out of the gas/water assembly. DON'T LOSE IT!

3) Once all the water has ceased dripping replace the drain screw, leave the hoses disconnected.

4) If it is going to drop below freezing overnight ideally disconnect your unit from the gas bottle and move it inside or to some other heated space for storage.

5) When you are ready to use it again remember to connect the hoses the correct way round - water input on the right and water output in the middle.

If you do freeze your unit - DON'T PANIC! They can be fixable so contact us. Ideally try and work out where the damage is and take a good clear picture first then we can quickly advise what can be done.

Look after your unit and your unit will continue to look after you


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