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Scams - Fakes - and things you need to consider before buying . Buying on Amazon read the review first.

Buyers Guide 

  • Is there a UK telephone number? NO Walk Away.

  • If there is no telephone number at all. Walk Away.

  • Ask for a Copy of the Ce Certificate. If there is none. Walk Away.

  • When you receive the CE certificate read it. Make sure its for the unit you are buying, not just one test unit. Walk Away.

  • Try customer service out before you buy, if there is none. Walk Away.

  • Not based in the UK? Walk Away.

  • Amazon purchase? No telephone support, you can call the USA. Open at 2pm UK time. Walk Away.

  • Solution

  • Open 365 Days a year Showerking Ltd, 8 am to 9pm, technical Support engineers Free, Warranty UK.

  • CE Fully certified Legal Lpg Gas Hot Water Units. 

You need a CE certificate for Gas. Here supplied August 2021 by the manufacturer is a certificate for Electromagnetism.....for a Gas Product


The majority of all electrical equipment and machines, regardless to their operating voltage (or voltage range), are liable to generate or be affected by electromagnetic disturbance. Where such equipment is being sold in the UK and Europe, it is required to be CE Marked under the ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive.

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CE water heater NON certificate.jpg

Buying a Horse/Dog /event shower and not sure what you should be looking for.

This guide which tell you what to look for Good & Bad.

Bad Signs

·         All these units sold to the UK  are made in China, Spain, and South America. None are manufactured in the UK. FACT. Check at the Department of Trade and Industry.












·         CE certification means the unit supplies has passed the safety tests required to be safe and used in the UK. Ask for a copy of the certificate. If you are send a document, you can’t read that says it all. You should get a document out lining the name of the company that has applied for the test when and when tested it, so you can check. No CE certificate = Not Fit for Purpose and potentially Dangerous as it has NOT passed the safety tests required to be used in the UK. If in doubt call Trading Standards.

·         Who reads the small print?  Insurance companies………Some CE certificates are for only one unit. One unit gets tested only. Read the small print it may say. “ONE unit only is certified and NOT a run at a manufacturing plant.” Why is this done, by removing the safety features after the test they can produce the unit for $25 in china.

·         Its got” Passed”, Quality Assured, 9001   9000, CE on the side.  That’s great however it has no safety features on the unit, so by writing this on the side it looks good. 9001 and 9000 are not related to safety tests, “Quality assured” is no more than a sticker, Passed, is another sticker. CE means China Export. Not Fit for Purpose and potentially Dangerous.

I saw the units on Amazon & eBay. Amazon will sell anything so will eBay, No CE certification ………….. Not Fit for Purpose and potentially Dangerous

I called one of the sellers who spent ages on the phone telling me about the positives & negatives on a unit, I then bought on a different website on the internet. When I had an issue, they were not interested. Big websites that sell thousands of products, that’s it they press a button and can’t give advice as they would have to know about 14000 products. Customer service is literally that., Anyone can forget customer service by lowering the cost, so put some money aside when you have an issue. Or maybe call the company that spent time giving you all that lovely free advice……

Cheapest on the Net….there is a reason, no marketing, no back up, no phones, no people, just box moving from a front room or garage. Its great until something goes wrong, and you cant get hold of anyone…any one can take a product that has been marketed by other companies and sell it for no margin, they tend to go out of business very quickly……However they leave customers with a sick feeling and abandoned.

·         Good Signs

          What are the good signs I need to be looking for

·          A telephone number, that you can call, and the phone is answered.

·         A website that has details of returns, warranty and dealing with issues.

·         A technical support policy.

·         Possibly a social media account where you can see what others say about the product and service.

·         A reputation that customers say they would buy again.

·         Call and see what the before sales and service is like. Any one can dump something on the internet, most can’t offer good customer service.

·         Be offered a Two-Year Warranty and if you are fitting it your self a Technical Support Technician form the Manufacturer in the UK you can speak to.

CE Certificate
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