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Cointra cob5b horse shower lpg tankless

Internal Horse Showers 

To be installed by a Gas Safe LPG Registered Engineer

showerking cointra.jpg
Most installations for stableyards will not require an internal unit as they are either used outside or in a washdown area which is well ventilated and part of a larger barn.
Internal units require a vertical flue in order to work and may be the solution if you want to site your heater in a heated tack room/rug room other smaller insulated space. These type of units are commonly found in static caravans to feed a shower and hot water tap. They are multi point, on demand units and require installation by a relevantly qualified LPG plumber.
For more details on the range of units and flues available, see our other site
L5 Hot Horse Shower
L5 Eccotemp shower

Eccotemp Tankless Lpg Gas Propane Hot water Heater, Hot Horse Shower, Eccotemp l5 and Eccotemp L10 

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