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Already have your E5 or L5 shower? Trolley is now available separately or you can add the hose/spray upgrade pack if you wish. 

Please note this option is for the Trolley ONLY and does not include a shower unit or other accessories in the picture. Trolley & Upgrade pack includes the Trolley, 6m upgrade hose and shampoo spray gun only, it does not include a shower unit.

For full combinations including shower unit, see our E5 Horse Shower/E5 Dog Shower listings:

Trolley Only (to fit E5)

  • If you already have an E5 or L5 shower unit with water outlet accessory then choose the Trolley Only. If you require the 6m hose and shampoo spray gun as well, choose the Trolley & Upgrade

  • If you change your mind within 14 days of delivery you can return your unused items in their original packaging for a full refund less shipping fee. Buyer is responsible for cost of return, contact us on for details of where/how to return the unit. We will not accept returns that have not previously been notified to us. 

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