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Best for portability - can be hung on a wall or fence post, mounted on your own trolley or supplied with a bespoke trolley for ultimate ease. 

Suitable for all water systems, best choice for average/low water pressure installations.

Featuring Summer/Winter settings for gas saving in hot weather and temperature gauge for easy monitoring/set up.

This is our own unit developed by Showerking especially for UK users. We hold parts and can offer a repair service even after your warranty has expired.


Three Options:

E5 Classic including 5 part spray (no hose)

E5 Upgrade including 6m hose and shampoo spray gun

E5 Upgrade Trolley - as E5 Upgrade but including bespoke Trolley


  • Instant, endless hot water

  • 5lts per min flow rate

  • Gas: LPG Propane (the red one)

  • 1 Years Manufacturers Warranty

  • CE Certified

  • Full technical support from installation and for the life of your shower

  • Connectors, Gas Regulator,  Gas hose

  • Available with hose/shampoo spray gun and/or trolley - see options for details

Showerking E5 Horse Shower

SKU: E5Horse
  • Portability - lightweight with a built in carry handle

    Replacement for Eccotemp L5 Hot Water Unit or Cointra COB5 External Hot Water Unit

  • If you have a hose/spray gun already or are replacing an existing unit, choose Showerking E5 Classic. 

    If you want an upgraded hot water hose and special Shampoo Spray Gun, choose Showerking E5 Upgrade

    If you want as the Upgrade but complete with trolley, choose Showerking E5 Upgrade Trolley

    Gas is NOT included with any option.

    For high pressure/high water flow installations, see our L10 listing.