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See also Showerking L5 for an alternative 5 litre per minute unit:


Best for portability - can be hung on a wall or fence post, mounted on your own trolley or supplied with a bespoke trolley for ultimate ease. 

Suitable for all water systems, best choice for average/low water pressure installations.

Featuring Summer/Winter settings for gas saving in hot weather and temperature gauge for easy monitoring/set up.

This is our own unit developed by Showerking especially for UK users. We hold parts and can offer a repair service even after your warranty has expired.


Three Options:

E5 Classic including 5 part spray (no hose)

E5 Upgrade including 6m hose and shampoo spray gun

E5 Upgrade Trolley - as E5 Upgrade but including bespoke Trolley


  • Instant, endless hot water

  • 5lts per min flow rate

  • Gas: LPG Propane (the red one)

  • 1 Years Manufacturers Warranty

  • CE Certified

  • Full technical support from installation and for the life of your shower

  • Connectors, Gas Regulator,  Gas hose

  • Available with hose/shampoo spray gun and/or trolley - see options for details

Showerking E5 Dog Shower

£189.00 Regular Price
£179.00Sale Price
Shipping end October 2023
  • Portability - lightweight with a built in carry handle

    Replacement for Eccotemp L5 Hot Water Unit or Cointra COB5 External Hot Water Unit

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