Showerking L5 Horse Shower
The Showerking Eccotemp CE-L5 Portable Tankless Outdoor Water Heater
5 lts per min
Propane LPG /butane gas pressure: 37 mbar
Maximum temperature depends on the incoming water temperature, & increases the incoming water temperature by 25 degrees.
Requires 20-40 PSI water pressure. Requires a 1.38-2.7 bar of water pressure
2 D cell battery ignition On/off switch
CE Certified - 2 year manufacturer’s warranty
Overall: 39.97cm H x 29.2cm W x 11.43cm D Weight: 6 kg
Included: Water Hose, Connections
Showerking L5 Horse Upgrade
The Showerking L5 & the shampoo spray gun replaces the standard showerhead and two meter hose when you upgrade.
6 meters inc Manufactured in accordance with BS 3746 Heavy duty PVC hose. Polyester yarn reinforcement for kink resistance. 2mm minimum wall thickness. Outside layer of hose has extra thick sheathing for use in rugged environments.
L5 Horse Upgrade & Trolley
The Showerking Ecco trolley is a tough, foldable, self-assembly hand trolley designed especially for the Showerking L5 & L10 Outdoor Portable Hot water LPG Propane Tankless showers.
The Showerking hot water heater fits perfectly on the quick release fittings.
This unit enables you to bring your hot water heater in from the freezing temperatures. Only to be moved when the heater is OFF.
Weights & Dimensions
Other Dimensions
• Overall: 131cm H x 50cm W x 70cm D - Weight: 7.5 kg
Showerking l10
The Showerking L10 external Lpg Gas Propane tankless hot water shower,
Delivers 10 lts per min. a Lpg Gas propane UK regulator is supplied with the gas hose & connections. The Showerking L10's ignition operates automatically on 2 D batteries so no pilot light.
Lpg Propane 30 mbar - Water temp up to 54 degrees
Overall: 65cm H x 43cm W x 25cm D - Weight: 10 kg
CE certified – 2 Yrs Manufacturer’s Warranty – 2 Yrs Free Technical Support
Showerking L10 Horse up grade
L10 Horse trolly upgrade
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