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Best for high volume/high pressure water systems. For wall mounting only, suitable for well ventilated wash box or sheltered outdoor situation.  If your water pressure is average, you would be better choosing from our E5 options. Similarly if you require a trolley option then go for the E5.


This unit requires your water system to have high, consistent water pressure in order to work effectively and to make the most of it's capability. Processes 10 litres per minute for increased volume, useful for hairy traditionals or shires! 


You will probably want to have a semi-permanent installation for this unit, with the ability to de-install for safe storage during frosty conditions. Bigger and bulkier than our E5, it is not as portable.



Two Options:

L10 Classic including 5 part spray (no hose)

L10 Upgrade including 6m hose and shampoo spray gun


  • Instant, endless hot water

  • 10lts per min flow rate

  • Gas: LPG Propane (the red one)

  • 1 Years Manufacturers Warranty

  • CE Certified

  • Full technical support from installation and for the life of your shower

  • Connectors, Gas Regulator,  Gas hose

  • Available with hose/shampoo spray gun - see options for details

Showerking L10 Horse Shower

  • High pressure/high water flow systems and semi-permanent set up.

    Replacement for Eccotemp L10 Hot Water Unit or Cointra COB10 External Hot Water Unit

  • If you have a hose/spray gun already or are replacing an existing unit, choose Showerking L10 Classic. 

    If you want an upgraded hot water hose and special Shampoo Spray Gun, choose Showerking L10 Upgrade

    Gas is NOT included with any option.

    For standard pressure/average water flow installations, portability or trolley systems see our E5 listing.