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Marey Ltd UK

Marey Ltd 01342 824715

NEW 2018...Marey Camouflage.

£159.00 plus vat & del.

  1. 2 Years Manufacturers warrant.

  2. 5lts per min

  3. Piping hot water

  4. Must be installed by a Gas Safe engineer to comply with Warranty.

  5. CE Certified for the UK.

  6. Next Day Delivery

  7. External Unit NO Flue required.

Marey is a UK based company

Marey is a UK Trade Mark owned and operated in the UK.


Since Marey Ltd  was started in the UK, we specialized in selling Tankless LPG gas propane portable hot water systems. 5 & 10 litre off the shelf, affordable and easily installable.

External or internally placed units with the necessary flues.


Marey Ltd can supply many exclusive versions and we have our own warehouses with current stock.

We always supply the best quality products and our customer service is key. The technology is always changing and we change with that.


Marey 5lt Tankless Camouflage external Lpg Gas Hot Water Heater

Marey L5 Tankless PLG Gas hot water heater  External

Marey L10 Tankless PLG Gas hot water heater

Marey L12 Tankless PLG Gas hot water heater Internal


Marey Flue to be fitted to the internal models by your gas safe registered engineer.



Marey have a number of heating solutions, starting with a 5L  10L   and now 12L portable Tankless water heater system.

The systems are simple to install come complete with all the parts inc gas regulator, gas pipe, all fittings and a CE safety certificate for the UK.

Marey is a UK trade mark and a UK owned company.  


 MAREY LTD Company No. 08351774 Marey Ltd owns the Marey Trademark for the UK





 MAREY LTD Company No. 08351774 Marey Ltd owns the Marey Trademark for the UK

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