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Showerking L5 Horse Shower, requires mains water connection or pumped equivalent, no electricity required. Comes complete with 37mbar gas hose/regulator, showerhead/hose combination and water connector. Flows at 5 litres per minute. Same gas/water connections as the E5 and fits to the same trolley.



  • Operating Range: 20 - 80Psi
  • Rate Heat Input: 11kW
  • Gas Type: Liquid Propane
  • Gas Pressure: 11" of Water Column
  • BTU: 37,500
  • Gas Regulator: 37Mb
  • Voltage: 3V (2 x D Batteries)
  • Actual Water Flow: 5l (Per Minute)
  • Height: 41.9cm
  • Width: 29.2cm
  • Depth: 14cm
  • 12 months warranty

Showerking L5 Horse Shower

  • All units come complete with gas hose/regulator, water connector and instruction manual. Options are:

    Camping Shower - with showerhead/hose suitable for people use

    Horse Shower Classic - with five part spray gun, no hose supplied

    Horse Shower Upgrade - with 6m upgraded hose and special shampoo spray gun

    Horse Shower Upgrade Trolley - as Upgrade but with the addition of a bespoke trolley to mount unit on.

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