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Mediglove Printed Nitrile medical Gloves 013428 24715

January 06, 2018

Mediglove is a Nitrile Pre printed disposable Medical glove.

100% Non Latex & Non Sterile these gloves make recording  Vital Signs in a Medical Emergency simple. Ambidextrous, printed on both sides.

CE Certified. EN455 EN374.

January 06, 2018

Medigloves are Ambidextrous and  printed on both sides.  

Mediglove can be used in dry and wet conditions. 1005 Latex FREE.  50 Gloves per pack. UK Company Mediglove Ltd 

January 06, 2018

Mediglove is a pre printed Nitrile Medical Glove used for recording patients details and a great Aide Memoir. Avoid contact with Hazards chemicals, heated surfaces and UV, radiation etc

Anyone can use Mediglove. First aiders, CFR's, Nurses, Doctors, Medics, Paramedics, Event Staff, Vets & more. Keep a pair in your first aid kit, and car, and house.

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