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Frost Proof Horse Showers

Showerking Infinity

Frost Proof Hot Showers

Showerking External Frost Proof Showers

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Upgrade includes to 6 meters of premium hose and 5 part shampoo spray gun.

Internal hot frost proof  showers inc vat & del

L11 internal 8.6 lt per min FROST PROOF

L16 internal 15.2 lt per min FROST PROOF


1. 6 meter professional hose and 5 part spray gun

Installation to be by a LPG Gas safe qualified engineer to validate Warranty.

We have engineers through out the UK that can install these units who have been trained specifically for Frost Protected Systems.

NB you will need a plug socket for this unit to function.

CE Certified, Warranty 5 years 1st year parts.

Free Manufacturer's UK Technical support.

The hot shower you can leave out 365 no matter what temperature it is out side

The Infinity domestic range,  aimed at residential use or small business applications, is divided into units for external installation (11, 14, 17, 20 litres per minute) and internal installation (11.17 litres per minute).

Through the standard remote control on all devices (remotely controlled for internal models 11 and 17), Showerking Infinity not only assures you  hot water at exactly the temperature you require, without the need for mixing, the total security of not ever being scalded.


The compact size make both internal & external installation easy.  The external range, has no flue exhaust apparatus  and is weatherproof without the need for any additional protection.

All external devices are resistant to:
FROST: due to the standard antifreeze down to -20°C (even in internal models down to -15°C)
WIND: up to 90 km/h
RAIN: IPx5D protection against water from all directions
CORROSION and RUST: enamelled stainless steel cover

Showerking 01342 824715  email@showerking

open 7 days a week 365 days a year. 9 am -- 9pm

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